I Say We Should Give The Land Back



So I admit I don’t have all the facts, and wouldn’t trust them coming from the mainstream media anyway. So let’s instead say this is what I understand.

We the United State of America took land that did not belong to us. We then gave a tiny bit of land to those we stole it from, and said this what’s now yours.

Now we are saying we have the right to pollute their water, and their sacred ground.           If they go out to do ritual around the health of their water, food, and general safety, not only of their land, but also as part of the country we, ah ya…stole from them to begin with.

Is that what we’re saying? Really folks?

I say we give it back. The tribal elders would, in my opinion do a much better than we have.

As an American, I did not agree with this pipeline decision. I wonder If the world at large has an idea that mot Americans do not not agree with it.

Read a few of these.










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