I Say We Should Give The Land Back

  So I admit I don’t have all the facts, and wouldn’t trust them coming from the mainstream media anyway. So let’s instead say this is what I understand. We the United State of America took land that did not belong to us. We then gave a tiny bit of land to those we stoleContinue reading “I Say We Should Give The Land Back”

Attention Reiki Masters.

I have an idea to combine; Reiki attunements the Law of Attraction and Hypnotic Scripting To create frequency tuning/attuneing. I had been thinking if we could we create a frequency of what we desire, we could use a reiki attunement to lock it in. That was the belief in the creating  of Full Spectrum Reiki.Continue reading “Attention Reiki Masters.”

Wonderful reminder of my mother. Laughing so hard I’m afraid I’ll pee my pants.

My mom the big gambler. She bet nickles when possible. If she won, she put her winning away, and stopped. It was entertainment for her. Over this past week-end with my nieces, and sister in law, we laughed so hard I had to cross my legs, so I would not pee in my pants. ItContinue reading “Wonderful reminder of my mother. Laughing so hard I’m afraid I’ll pee my pants.”

How levels of consciousness, connect to chakras, in my imagination of being a Unicorn. Eriksonian Hypnosis.

To satisfy your conscious mind, I will speak about logic. What’s really happening here? I’m using stories, and imagery, to hypnotize. Giving you suggests, that help you connect with YOU. I’m deliberate about my wording. Punctuation. Spacing. I had a near death experience at age 3, that left me standing between 2 worlds, and ableContinue reading “How levels of consciousness, connect to chakras, in my imagination of being a Unicorn. Eriksonian Hypnosis.”

There’s a committee meeting going on in my head.

    The other day, in meditation, I told myself… The Subconscious mind is solving all the problems… Getting in your way… Of being who you really want to be… Aligning your frequency…. To already being hold the frequency…. As if had already happened…. Just let your subconscious mind go ahead and do that…. YourContinue reading “There’s a committee meeting going on in my head.”

What do you want more of in your life? Ericksonian Hypnosis.

I like writing blogs… when I want to talk about something, and I think maybe someone will be interested, I like to take pictures, share what I’m experiencing, what I’m excited about, interested in. What I want to focus my attention on. Feed. Give energy to. I have so much I want to say, I’mContinue reading “What do you want more of in your life? Ericksonian Hypnosis.”

Showing off My Sprouts

I thought I would show off a little at Epic Skill Swap, and make a sprout salad for the Friday night pot luck. I forgot, then started the seeds a little to late. The new plan!  I’ll bring the sprouting seeds, so everyone can watch them grow! They should be ready to eat by Sunday.Continue reading “Showing off My Sprouts”

Before you ask how much….

Wouldn’t you rather first want to ask about the massage? About me, the therapist? Tell me what you’re looking for, and see if I’m knowledgeable about the treatment? Wouldn’t you want to know why I do what I do? Don’t you want to know how the experience is going to be, before you decide whatContinue reading “Before you ask how much….”