The Place Chicopee will be moving in at 362 Front Street Chicopee.

I will be renting a room at a well established office, at 362 Front Street in Chicopee, with 4 well experienced massage therapists. Office opening pending licence. Office owner, and full time massage therapist Tony Shannon, Kristen Theil, Bryan Thayer, and Mary O’Connor. I will be offering Massage, Reiki, CranioScaral Therapy, and Ashiatsu/Thai Massage, HotStone,Continue reading “The Place Chicopee will be moving in at 362 Front Street Chicopee.”

Why Ashiatsu (Barefoot) Massage? Massaging with my feet seems natural to me. It’s deep, broad pressure. Most of my clients comment the first time they receive Ashiatsu, that they would not know it was not my hands. I start seated, above the head. Working with mostly my heals, I can can go light, or deep around the shoulderContinue reading “Why Ashiatsu (Barefoot) Massage?”

Before you ask how much….

Wouldn’t you rather first want to ask about the massage? About me, the therapist? Tell me what you’re looking for, and see if I’m knowledgeable about the treatment? Wouldn’t you want to know why I do what I do? Don’t you want to know how the experience is going to be, before you decide whatContinue reading “Before you ask how much….”