I strive for the integrity of my own truth. (Ericksonian Hypnosis)

If you are feeling discomfort,

you could listen to the discomfort itself.

You could ask it questions.

You could talk to Yourself,

listen to yourself,

to come to an understanding of…



your Truth

Your Truth


Take a long deep slow breath

All the way in

Fill up your lungs

your heart e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g.

Release the breath,

Release the tension.

Just allow it

out on the exhale.

For  just a moment

In the safety of Connection 

with Yourself


You can be in comfort 

with yourself

With Yourself.

To bring the energy in

The energy of 

that which feeds you

That which Feeds YOU

Do it.

What makes you feel ‘IN’ 

‘IN” alignment with your truth

Your truth

The big YOU

the little you


Connect with third eye chakra

Your Unicorn Horn

Allow you subconscious mind to remember

Every time you felt ‘out’ of your truth

And allow it to glean

All of the learning

All of the understanding

you came to 

all at once.

your conscious mind can relax

take a pause

As the Big You sends the response

To manifest what it has gained from your experience

you exhale the experience.

You respond to the contrast.

With equal force 

In it’s opposite 

In it’s desire

How would I like it to be?



Where I want to send the energy

Where I want to focus.

Because I know

What pleases me

Pleases Me

Tune into you

Tune into YOU

With the response

With curiosity

Taking it moment by moment

Noticing what’s great

in THIS moment.

In all areas of importance

to you

to YOU.

Allow your conscious mind

to allow your subconscious mind

to allow your super conscious mind

to come to balance

In your perception of reality

Right NOW.



To be continued….





When everything changes, change everything. (Ericksonian hypnoisis)


By everything, I mean something some part of you thinks is significant. 


That a deep breath.

Exhale slowly,

Continue to read slow,

Breathing deeply,


You could even just create something like that.

Right NOW.

I was seeing some visions of doing something, with some people.

Then it became, 

I can do that right now, myself.

I can create it right now.

Look at all the steps I have already taken.

Doing something else today, makes it NOW.

It can still be going along

moving in the direction of

a bigger vision

Notice right now,

Look at as right NOW.

Look at all you’ve already done.

Feel pride

For anything you have ever felt proud of

And all the things you wished someone had said, Good job.

Good job.

Good job being awesome.

Think about that very special hug.

You know the one.

Your heart feel like it was melting. 

Imagine feeling that,

Right NOW

Now add feeling

To the pride you have ever imagined you could feel

And FEEL That  NOW.

To be continued…