I’m Just One Person

If every person thought they were just one person, and they could not make a difference, the world would stay the same. If every one person did something about one thing they felt passionate about, if even just a positive thought on a regular basis, it would be More Than Enough, to change the world.Continue reading “I’m Just One Person”

Single serving vegan Chocolate Cake recipe

I love this cake, but mostly when it’s warm out of the oven. When I make it, I know that, so eat more than 1 piece, sometimes more than 2! I also love the edges, so making a single serving makes edges! I sprinkle a chocolate chips in the middle too, so there is warmContinue reading “Single serving vegan Chocolate Cake recipe”

What if you thoughts were instructions for your subconscious mind?

This is a continuation from an earlier post, Can you stop negative thoughts? There are many kinds of thoughts. I believe it is important to recognize where they come from. Are they coming from the conscious mind, did you intend to have the thought? Are they coming from the subconscious mind, or old patterns? DidContinue reading “What if you thoughts were instructions for your subconscious mind?”