What if you thoughts were instructions for your subconscious mind?

This is a continuation from an earlier post, Can you stop negative thoughts?

There are many kinds of thoughts. I believe it is important to recognize where they come from. Are they coming from the conscious mind, did you intend to have the thought? Are they coming from the subconscious mind, or old patterns? Did someone else put them there? Can you notice them with curiosity? Is this an idea you want to invest in? Where do you want to to put in, now that you see/hear it? 

A thought you are not in love with….

After you witness the thought, and have some curiosity about it, you can be curious about where it came from. Who said that? Is it true? Is it possible that it is not true? If it is possible that it not true, why not go with that? Since this may not be true, what would I choose for the truth, if I could choose? Now you can get to a thought you are in love with. 

Some ideas about what to do with thoughts you are not in love with…

Burn them. Write them on a piece of paper, and burn the paper. Have the feeling of the thought, and bring it to your solar plexus and burn it there. 

Send it down your legs and into the center of the Earth, where it can be burned in the molten lava there, fueling the Earth energy for later use.

Thoughts you are in love with…

Broadcast them through your Crown Chakra, and send them to the edges of the Universe. Make the energy loud! 

Feel them in Heart Chakra, and love them. Notice all the things you love about the thought, and all the ways it makes you feel good.

If you are interested in these ideas, you can come to yoga class, or get a massage at The Place in Chicopee. All my yoga classes end with a 20 minute guided meditation. These ideas came from today’s meditation, or the other way around. A massage at The Place is an opportunity to personalize a guided meditation, and get a massage at the same time! (I love that thought!)Image

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