Lava Jewelry ~ Natural Defussers for Essential Oils

Lava beads are naturally very porous, so just a few drops of essential oils on the lava beads will defuse over time slower than if you put the oil directly on the skin. If you put the oil on with your finger tips, you will have the best of both topical, and Inhalation.

To me the Lave beads are also very grounding, considering they come from the center of the earth.

Special orders welcome. Here are some of my designs.

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Pondering Independence.


freedomI woke up this morning pondering Independence Day, and what that means to me.

Pondering what my life would feel like Independent.

I’m remembering getting divorced, the second time, wondering what it would be like to be completely independent, and creating how I want to feel completely.

Where do I see it most, today? 12 years later.

It all about how it feels for me.

I move in the direction of feels good.

I do what I want, when I want.

I know I can.

I don’t have to disappoint myself. I CAN focus on me.

I create my experience.

Others are interested in things I’m interested in. I like talking about it with them. I like feeling it with them.

I love feeling sexy.

I love growing food I eat. I love cooking for myself, as if I’m royalty. I love gardening. I love that my shamanic work continues in my garden. I love alone time. I love my imagination. I love creating art. I love the internet, and how connected I feel. I love how easy it is to share ideas. I love being in a good mood. I love loving.

Your Subconscious mind will now go there for you.

In the direction of your ideal Independent Self, 12 years later.

Just allow the pondering.

Just allow the future you, to project the images in your imagination.

Let it be easy.

Let it be fun.

Let it be an Independence Day Gift from your Future Self.

Let your inner child play with images.

Relax, and Receive the feelings.

When images start to appear, let it be interesting.

Ponder with me.