How to Grow Lamb’s Ears

I can give you a few, if you want some.


Lamb’s Ears is one of the most amazing silver-leaved perennials. It is a widely cultivated plant and very easy to grow.
Lamb’s Ears is also known as Stachys byzantina and is a member of the Lamiaceae family.

Lamb’s Ears originates from Turkey, Iran and Armenia. It was considered as a medical herb, because this plant has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

This plant prefers full sun or partial shade and a well-drained soil. Lamb’s Ears works perfect as a border perennial, but it can be grown in pots or containers. The leaves are soft and silvery grey/green and they are a good companion for my beautiful roses.

It is recommended to plant Lamb’ Ears in spring. Dig a planting hole which should not be deeper than the pots. Lamb’s Ears can grow 12 to 18 inches tall.
Do not forget to water the plants every week!

The good news is…

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From Garden to table, chive dip.

I love eating out of the garden, fresh chives are so tasty!

I’m all about looking to see what I have, and creating something yummy out of it,

Cream cheese, and chives, there are nut crackers, sounds good.

1/4 container of the cream cheese, chopped chives, black olives, fresh oregano, a little garlic, and I used the immersion blender.

I then added chopped artichoke hearts, and a few fresh basil leaves.


It was SO GOOD!



There’s a committee meeting going on in my head.




The other day, in meditation, I told myself…

The Subconscious mind is solving all the problems…

Getting in your way…

Of being who you really want to be…

Aligning your frequency….

To already being hold the frequency….

As if had already happened….

Just let your subconscious mind go ahead and do that….

Your conscious mind is free to something creative while that’s going on….

Today I hear productive…




Conversations going on in my head….

While I garden….

And cook….

And dream….

And Write….

And imagine….

I just said the same thing to your subconscious mind 🙂