Meditation (Tell good stories)

I love telling stories to create change! What we tell ourselves, think, and say out loud, are messages to the subconscious mind. It says, “Oh, That’s what you want. Ok!” Tell yourself you’re fat, and your subconscious mind says, “ok, let’s work on that.” (Bad story)

Instead Tell yourself how much you love your body! Your subconscious mind will go to work creating a body you love. (Good Story)

In my yoga classes we tell good stories, and anchor them into the subconscious, and into the nervous system during the 20 minute guided meditation.

Come create positive, permanent change, while having fun.

Fake it till you make it – or forward folding made a little easier.

Many people focus all there attention in forward folds on the backs of the thighs, the space that lacks freedom to allow you to smack your forehead to your shins like a lithe ballet dancer.  But the next time you are reviewing the distance between your noggin and your legs change it up by thinking about your breath and your belly.  As you exhale engage udyada bhanda lifting the area just under the diaphragm. It almost feels like you are trying to pull your organs into your ribcage a bit.  Can’t really feel it, fake it!  Then as you exhale watch how your fold is changing.  Bending your knees a little more than you normally would will take it out of the backs of the legs and let you feel the belly fold.