Can You Stop Negative Thoughts?

Can You Stop Negative Thoughts?

When you have a quick negative, or even not so positive thought,  do you try to stop it? This is what we are taught, right? Stay away from those negative thoughts! You will manifest them! So we start to have the thought and freeze. ‘I don’t want to have that thought. I’m moving away from it.’ Then we are stuck there. Stuck in the energy of the place where we froze. 

There is no good or bad, just experience. We came here to experience. The so called bad creates contrast for us to really understand what we do what. 

I think we really need to experience, and run through the so called bad thoughts, to get to the other side of them. Have the thoughts, notice the thoughts. Have the feelings, notice the feelings. Then take it to the next thought/feeling. What does it feel like to have that thought? What does it tell you about what you do want? 

Can you notice yourself having the thought? Can you move all the way though the thought /feeling instead of getting stuck in it?  Can you notice you don’t like the feeling or thought?


The thought….

What if I never find a partner? What if I don’t have enough money to bay the bills? What if I never find a job? What if never feel better? What if I’m sick?


Notice the feeling. Say to yourself things like….

It’s lonely to be alone. It’s scary to think I won’t be able to pay the bills. It feels like crap to be broke. It’s scary/uncomfortable to be sick. 


If that is true, than the opposite must feel good. 

I love to be in love. I love to feel love. I love abundance. I love to feeling good. 

The manifestation can happen from the imagination combined with feeling. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. Invest your energy in the ‘I love’ part, by sending it to the root chakra (base of the spine) where it will become tangible, anchored in this reality. 

Notice anywhere you already have it. I love my child. I remember being in love. It felt….. I remember having enough money. I have…… I remember feeling good. This feels good now. 

What is thoughts were things. Imagine yourself shopping at a flea market. You come upon a thought, and you want to decide if you want to buy (invest) in it, or not. When at the flea market, you look at it, examine it, maybe pick it up and feel it. What if you did the same thing. Don’t dismiss it before you look at it. Pick it up and feel it. Then decide if you want to invest in it, or use it to show you what you do want to invest in.


You’re doing great! You are great! I love you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Can You Stop Negative Thoughts?

  1. Thanks Diane! So very true and so very helpful. A work in progress trying to rid ourselves of negativity. Seems no matter how positive you try to stay, every now and then a little negative thought pops up. Working through it and casting it out to be turned into love. LOVE…the ultimate answer.

  2. Do you think that what worry about rates on scale, depending on how much we should be worried? Like is homeless person worried their stuff is going to be stolen when they are out looking for food, a bigger worry on a scale than a millionaire who just lost half of his savings in the stock market. I think one should be greater than the other, however I bet the millionaire actually rates just as high on the stress meter. Maybe we should ask ourselves when we are stressed, worried, etc., How big is this in the scheme of things?

    Need help? Come in for a massage, or a yoga class. Guided meditation can help!

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