Wouldn’t it be cool if? The Law of Attraction/ The Vacuum Story

V 008As most of you know me, you know I like to tell stories to create change.

Since the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination, and reality….., making up stories that…. you’d love to imagine….focusing in the direction…. you want to hold your attention….., creates the energy…. you need to be presently in,…. to create it now, now, now.

When I was first understanding this…..I must have known….on some level…how to do this.

I had an Electrolux Canister Vacuum when I was married.

I bought a few vacuums, and hated them, so I brought them back. Then I bought a few sweepers, and hated those.
I thought….I want an Electrolux Vacuum, and I want someone to give it to me.

(By the way…Electrolux, kicks Hoovers ass.)

A couples of weeks later…..I was at a friend’s house. Her housemate had just passed away. She said, “There is bunch of stuff downstairs. The family said give it all away. See if there is anything you want.”

I was with my two friends, who wanted to look. I didn’t, but had to wait for them anyway. I went downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, was an Electrolux Vacuum. I got very excited!!! Me, “Can I have this?!”
Kristen, “Yes, and there are attachments, and bags over here.”

Just to be clear. This all really happened. You can make up Shit this good.

So be a conspirator. Conspire on behalf of the Universe/God. Allow the Greatest good….for the most…. that it is part of …..benefit.

2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be cool if? The Law of Attraction/ The Vacuum Story

  1. Great story, Diane. Mine….Whenever I go to Noho, I manifest a parking spot close to where I want to be. On my way, I picture it…picture my car parked there. So far, I’ve gotten a spot every time….when I was driving, that is. Energy is great, isn’t it?!!!

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