Diane’s version of yoga.

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I’ve been questioning my style of teaching in yoga. ‘I’m not like other teachers’ , my inner critic will say. I do not feel the strength as a yoga teacher, that I feel as a massage therapist. I love yoga, and love teaching, however teaching yoga does not light me up the way teaching Reiki used to. It does not light me up the way giving a massage does. 

I’m looking at the reasons I wanted to teach yoga, and they were never to be like other yoga teachers. It was to have an audience to do guided meditation, and include the body. The body is where we store old beliefs, old programs, and energetic body armor. 

I might change

Yoga with Guided Meditation


Create Change Classes with Guided Mediation, and Body Movement. 

I think it will feel more like ME. More like something I feel passionate about. 

2 thoughts on “Diane’s version of yoga.

  1. I think that sounds great Diane, you are not the cookie cutter Yoga teacher but, that doesn’t mean you are not great at what you teach when I took your yoga class I felt great physically and spiritually. Maybe now the expectations from students with yoga backround can appreciate the guided experience. I Love your positivity you made me feel everything is attainable. Light and Love Karen

  2. I think that when you go with what you Love, it comes from where you love….within. And when that feeling is shared, miracles happen. Set your passion free.

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