When an unknowing muggle, stumbles on your bliss.

treasure 016treasure 020

treasure 019

treasure 018

After buying all of these plants at the Flea Market,

For the Unicorn Garden,

explaining to my friend about the connection I feel with the plant life in my yard,

and how it connects to me through the space that connects us,

And how the garden that these plants came from, will connect to my garden now,

And can’t you just feel it in your feet?

We are walking on a grass path, in bare feet.

I notice the man walking walking beside us,

Listening to my words,

Maybe I got his subconscious mind as well,

So he to will understand the power of connection.

The sixty something year old man says,

“Better watch out for ticks!”

Oh no, I think, a muggle. He heard me. I’m out!

That’s o.k. , I reply, my friend here will give me a full body check later.

A full Body check !?! He asks looking at my friend.

Head to toe, I say,

ABSOLUTELY!  She says.

treasure 009

Other finds from the Flea Market.





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