Contrast is a beautiful opportunity for exploration (Ericksonian Hypnosis)


As a massage therapist, I imagine….

When you are not present with the truth,

When you are not present with yourself,

You hold your breath,

And that energy gets stuck in the body,

Stuck in the moment of time you stopped it,

Locked in the holding,

When you notice a catch in your breath,

Breath deeper!

Explore the moment,

the second in time,

As if it’s interesting,

Explore the triggers.

They are rich with truth.

Explore in your imagination,

What the truth would like,

If this was contrast.

Breath the truth through the chakras.

Let’s DO IT right now.

Include others in your visions of success,

and the Universe will use you to deliver success.

The energy of the collective success

WILL be able to manifest Itself

through YOU,

through you,

Through US,

Through us,

Connect your Unicorn Horn to mine,

Let it through.

To be continued…..

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