Finding me on google.

My Friend Dave Caputo of Positronic design told me to get higher on the google ranking, I need to blog about my business. So here goes.

The Place is a brand new studio in Chicopee Ma. I’m Diane Tellier. I’ve been a massage therapist for 10 years. I LOVE doing massage. I live in Chicopee, about 5 minutes for the studio. I like an easy commute. I do all kinds of body work! From the lightest of touch, reiki can even be done off the body. CranialSacral Therapy is also very light touch. I trained with the Upledger Institute 14 years ago, up to SomatoEmotional Release second level. Swedish Style of massage would be next, long strokes, very relaxing. Deep tissue massage is a favorite, and I can give you the deepest most luxurious massage! I massage with my feet. Broad deep pressure, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is great.

I taught Reiki both privately and and at H.C.C. for 14 years. Watch for classes coming up, or ask, I’ll put one together.

New for me… Yoga! I trained in hypnosis in 1998, and always loved doing group guided meditations. I loved doing yoga, so why not teach? Because I always felt Shavasana was too short, in my classes the Shavasana is at least 20 minutes.

Do you want a massage? You should come see me in Chicopee for a massage. I’m really in Fairview, which is on Chicopee.

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