I Think I’m All That! * The Belief Closet Process.

I recently took a training with Lion Goodman called The Belief Closet Process.


The BeliefCloset Process allows you to permanently eliminate negative and limiting beliefs from your life so you can easily manifest your dreams.

Now, changing your beliefs is as easy as changing your clothes.™

I thought it was amazing. In my opinion, it allows the conscious mind, to communicate with the subconscious mind, to change the old programming, and decide what you want the new programming to be. 

I’ve been working with the process myself, and one of the recent programs I found was about ‘being full of myself’. I heard the phrases, “She is do full of herself”, and “Oh, she just thinks she is all that.” Nothing I ever heard about me, but things I heard as a child. If my subconscious mind is holding this idea/belief, how can allow myself to be to successful? I would become to full of myself. 

I have big ideas! I need to be full of myself!

New idea/belief…Full of myself = Full of my own energy, full of my authenticity, grounded in my own adult beliefs.

Christine Texiera jokes that I have a masters in woo woo, so in the next few weeks I’m going to write a blog about all of my many training, and experiences that added to my masters in woo woo. 

To add to my PHD in woo woo, I’m thinking taking the Belief Closet Practitioner training. Would you like to clear some some old beliefs that are holding you back? 


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