Garden to table, just a few berries.

Can I excite you with just a few berries from the garden? First of the red, and black raspberries. The black berries will be another week or so. What do you do with just a few? I didn’t grow the Cantaloupe, or Mango. I bought them from the fruit guy at the Hadley Flea Market.Continue reading “Garden to table, just a few berries.”

Cantaloupe with Mascarpone Cheese

This cantaloupe is the best I’ve ever tasted. From the Hadley Flea Market. Nathan (My ┬áson the chef) agrees. I mixed the Mascarpone with a little heavy cream, vanilla, and a little Stevia. This would make a nice dip for lots of fruit! For a diabetic, adding the fat, and protein slows down the sugarContinue reading “Cantaloupe with Mascarpone Cheese”