Private Yoga Classes $55.

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At the Beginning of every yoga class, I ask everyone these questions…

What kind of mood are you in?
What is your energy level?
What kind of music do you want?
What is going on with your body?
What do you want to work on?

I meld the group into a combined answer, and create the class.
Sometimes when only one person shows up it’s easy to base the class off of 2 people, me and the client. Three times since I opened the business in July, the only person in class (3 different people), said “Wow, that was like therapy.”

Today I decided to offer one on one yoga classes, by appointment. $55. for a 90 minute class.
$90. for a couple. Class will include a minimum of 20 minutes guided meditation/hypnosis.
All of the above questions will be determined by you.

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